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Safety 6 Course (6 HBLB CE Hours)

The HBAA Safety 6 course is based on the OSHA Construction 10-hour course but is conducted in one day instead of the two required for the 10-hour Course.

HBAA Safety 6
covers the common residential and light commercial job site hazards and offers practical injury prevention measures, including resources for developing an effective safety & health program plus information on products that can make job sites safer and more productive.

HBAA Safety 6 provides instructions on how to respond to an OSHA inspection. OSHA is pursuing more citations under the multi-employer rule, which can hold the builder accountable for the safety violations of subcontractors under certain circumstances. Builders can learn how to protect themselves from OSHA citations and penalties by taking this course.

HBAA Safety 6 has been approved by the State of Alabama Home Builders Licensure Board for continuing education credit and meets the Alabama Specific requirement.