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Residential Building in Alabama (Business/Law)

This course will cover topics such as business practices, Alabama Energy Code, building codes & other regulations in compliance with the Home Builders Licensure Board.

In partnership with the Home Builders Licensure Board of Alabama, the HBAA offers this remedial education as an alternative to traditional disciplinary action. Upon completion, the participant must take and pass a proctored exam.

1. Watch all the videos.
2. Take the quiz at the end of the course and pass it. (THIS IS NOT THE FINAL EXAM) If you do not complete this step, the course will not show as complete and you will not be able to access the exam.
3. TAKE and Pass the final exam.

Click here for instructions on how to take the final exam.

We will notify the Home Builders Licensure Board once the final exam has been passed.

To follow along with the presentation, click here to download the Powerpoint.

To get started, click on the "Business Practices" presentation below.